Guidelines for Contacting Us

Contacting Us

If you are considering to join us, any contact attempt you make will be judged like an application. It is most efficient to exchange large amounts of generic texts before proceeding to more interactive forms of communication. The types of information we will probably want to exchange over time will include:

(1) Personal autobiography (in total at least 25 pages of text, consisting of personal history, facts, essays, etc.)
(2) Set of texts revealing the uniqueness of your way of thinking (how it is different from the contemporary ideology, in total at least 25 pages of text)
(3) At least 10 past e-mail conversations you've had on any topics or occasions
(4) Personal diary, detailing uncensored factual data

The above is just an outline for how we expect for communication to proceed. If you're unsure about how to approach communication, it is necessary only to reveal exactly the same type of information that we have already revealed to you about us. Creativity is unnecessary in early communication.

Note that all e-mails sent to any address mentioned in any of our websites are likely to be ignored unless they are unique in an unexpected or unusual way. Since this can only be determined by comparing what you intend to write to what others typically write to us, we have included a large number of examples of past communications in our site. Links to some of these examples are at the bottom of this page.

Here are just a few examples of things you might do to make your e-mail stand out from the rest:

(1) Argue that you are one of the few people on this planet who is capable of devoting life to creating fundamental change in this world.
(2) State your willingness and intention to hand over all prior online communication you've had in exchange for all prior online communication that I have had.
(3) Send an e-mail with at least 10 pages of text as an initial contact attempt.
(4) Successfully find and solve the puzzle.
(5) Point out one spelling mistake or other technical flaw you found on this site.
(6) Explain how you found this site.
(7) Start with your strongest points and give an overview of what you will say, and state why you are writing us.

Typical Contact Attempts

You are absolutely pathetic! - November 2, 2001
Could you recommend to me any literature? - November 6, 2001
The druggie - November 30, 2001
Empty life - November 30, 2001
Never watch TV - December 2, 2001
I see a huge opportunity - December 3, 2001
You're improving the social decor - December 3, 2001
Existentialist despair - December 5, 2001
I want to join - December 8, 2001

Some of the Best Contact Attempts since the inception of our site

I hate happy people - May 22, 2001
Richard Dawkins inspired me - September 9, 2001
A few minds can change the world - December 20, 2001

This section was last modified: December 2001.

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