Candidate: You are threatening/challenging 'morons' to give you reasons for which they waste their lives away. You are screaming inside for help and for true answers, hoping that someone with a bag-ful of wisdom which was miraculously decended upon them to spill the magical answers to you. Are you one to believe that people should spend all of their might living for a more supreme reason, perhaps religion? How about the war against the Taliban? The Taliban are fighting for religion, we-we are fighting to defend our earthly borders. What shit is this? Talk about morons. Yes, I believe you are correct that the majority of adults seem to be living after the 'puritan ethic', that began with working for material possesions because it was proof to show to God. But over time it evolved into only a humanistic earthly race and power struggle. But, I also believe that it is very strong in the older generations, and that more and more young people are questioning the reasons behind things. It may just be me, but I see a huge opportuninty in our generation (I have a feeling we may be of the same) for reevaluation, revolutions, and it is within our reach, actually it is our duty, to do something about it. you want to help each other? Send me some thoughts. It starts with strong believers, and like I said, I've a premonition that there's a hell lot of potential behind this mess.

Dima: I'm sending this to both of the email addresses since I didn't get a confirmation of which address you prefer.

Your email is one of a kind in a way, in that it shows passion. It has been long that I have been waiting for someone like that. We are fighting the same enemy, so it seems we should join forces no matter what. But it would be even better if we faught toward the same end. I see no reason why that can not be true. I will insist only on logic, from there whatever conclusion comes I will follow.

I will admit, I find it hard to understand your illustrations and points. I'm not sure, for example, what you meant about the Taliban. I don't really care or see these current events as being of much importance. I also no longer separate in my mind religion and non-religion since both ideas rely on blind belief and spread similarly among people.

I will also comment that in any generation in history young people more often question and rebel, then later grow up and again become the old generation. On their own things will not change. And there are very few young people that will support any revolution that will have any point to it. I am not saing that as a reason to give up, but as a note of caution.

So, before I conclude I will give you two pages with texts of my goals. In exchange I hope to learn yours.

Note by Michael: The two links that were given in the actual e-mail already exist in Dima's personal page, so I won't reproduce them here.