Candidate: I'm interested in your philosphy and possible in future contacts with your, uh.... organization I guess. The one thing I don't understand is why you need so much text to determine someones uniqueness. I have found that sometimes a single word response to something from someone can often single out that person as very different from the norm. Anyway, I'm including some stuff I've written. I've trying to prove to myself that I exist and if I actually develope a conversational relationship with.... uh... this organization it might help me out. Anyway, here's some of my wacky, zaniness... or whatever. Hope you guys are open to those that use mind expanding substances. Oh yeah, I'm wrote everything under the heading "Nick" in this document.

Dima: I'm sorry, I don't have the motivation to wade through the junk you wrote. If you have interest in communicating, read through the pages and make a better contact attempt then you have. I predict you are content enough with your "mind expanding substances" that you don't really give a shit to actually communicate. Generally skimming through stuff you wrote it sounds quite generic for something that some druggie would write. This is not meant as an offence to you, but is my observation.

There are plenty of texts at site, as well as in the "links" and "about us" sections. If that's not enough to motivate you to write something longer and more coherent then I doubt you'll be motivated to "join" us.

Candidate: Guten Tag,

Actually I don't do drugs anymore, i believe I've learned all that I can from them. Now I'm not saying I wont try them again if I find some reason, but I don't think drugs equal contentment and I don't think I have met anyone that does. I did drugs because I think every avenue needs to be explored in the search for a purpose and I learned a few things along the way. I wasn't really interested in "joining" you. I do appreciate what you are doing/trying to do, but I was only interested in a possible e-mail relationship of sorts. I'm certainly not going to write an original 25 page essay just so I can bounce ideas off some people. Just one question, does art have any place in this impartial society you are planning, or has that been determined? Anyway, no harm done. Thanks for your time and good luck. If you figure out a "the goal" before I do, let me know.