Candidate - An attempt to join a society of purpose:
I first must apologize, I did not exactly follow the guidlines presented to me for contacting you, and also, some of my writing may be irrelevent seeing that I have not been thoroughly exposed to the true thinking of others more knowledgable than I.

A mistake, it is impossible to have only one goal, unless it is a goal so general, that it would require the pursuit and follow-through of many other smaller goals.

In my memory and mind, it is quite hard to recall my life to myself and write about it. It is somewhat relevent to my lack of interest in my own life. I am 16 years of age, soon to be 17 in the ending days of August. Four months prior to beginning to write this, I passed both my written, and physical drive tests to aquire what most residents in America my age believe to be very important to them, a driver's license. I can vaguely remember almost every Christmas of my life as a teenager, and each year, the event became less and less 'fun' until now, when I do not see any point in even mentioning Christ, "God", or any belief created by our race. "God" to me, is a fictional character. It is no more than a figment of the imaginations of the weak to provoke hope into their bodies. "God" is a hoax. As I have read, from a site called, "The Art of Defiance", that it is somewhat easy for someone to "Invent a complex philosophy that takes years to understand", such as our religions today. It is also known that the Bible, in many different religions, contradicts itself several times, and thus, the religion is flawed. I know it is next to impossible to be infallable, but with the extensive use of logic and reasoning by a group of individuals, and even better, by a large society, would prevail that by using the same facts, the same conclusion can be made, and bring on one, ultimate decision that is virtually flawless. Of cousrse, there is a slight chance that a flaw may pass through the minds of everyone, unnoticed, and infect the goal, decision, or whatver it may be. I do not see myself as a special being, though I have been told that I have an extraordinary acedemic potential. This potential I supposedly have, can not be put to use in our world. I see no point to my life as an individual in this world (Thus my lack of interest and willingness to participate in social events, such as parties or afterschool programs). After talking to several individuals, and reading the words written on your website, I see a world of sense, and relevence. Indeed, I do know that it is very hard for the average individual to avoid something irrelevent, I am not average. I see it everyday, and it arouses a deep loathing I have had for several years toward the world, and many people inside of it. I loathe happy people, who have pointless fun. I have so much anger inside of me that I consider shunning the English language for not creating a word to express this amount of rage, and sometimes hatred I have for most of the world. I can only dream to understand why so many people on Earth can participate in such pointless activites, and not even realize that it has no true goal, no real absolution, only the breif satisfaction to their indoctrinated minds. I must admit that I am not a very good writer, as you may already know. I only know enough to speak and write to others little more than enough so that they are able to understand my thoughts. It does not matter to me that my friends understand, they are irrelvent to me. My only concern is that my life ends to be a life of purpose, unlike the billions of people, squandering thier fruitless lives. My true friends are those whom I understand, and can trust. Thus far in my uneventful life, I have found none.

The material possessions I store in my house, which I also share with my mother, do not mean anything to me. They do not help me in anyway, they do not lengethen my so far useless time here in this world, and they indefinately do not influence any goal or decision I make. When I turned 14 years of age, I knew that the 16th year of my existance would be the worst. On my that inevitable birthday, my life went to hell. I realized that no one is rellevent. No one can stop me. No one can make me do anything. I control my actions, and no one can ever know what I know or think. This thing we call a mind is the only source of privacy for me. Only I know what I think, no one else can ever pry thoughts out of me unless I will it to be. I can concieve any ingenius plan or contraption in my mind, and no one can critisize, not that it is relevent. I further realized that our world is sad, and is aimlessly coninuing its downward spiral to its almost inevitable dark oblivion. With such people as yourself, who are willing to speak out and scour the world for others who are wlling to participate in a social experiment, presents a glimmer of hope to revert the course of our world, to a new one, of purpose. There may only be a few hundred people in this wolrd that are of the right mind, are willing, and that have also been contacted, or have contacted a group or person involved in this experiment. But it is those few minds that are what can change the world we live in.

Comments by Michael: To put it briefly, this e-mail is just not enough.

I do think it is very interesting. The author uses a combination of revealing specific facts about himself (such as passing the driving test) and abstract arguments in plain English. It leaves me wanting to know more.

Some of what makes this contact attempt stand out are a presence of strong emotion, very little evidence of contradicting or irrelevant memes, a certain cautiousness (apology in the beginning and a note in the middle about writing skills), a claim of no friends or any other ties, denial of enjoyment/fun. The problem is that insufficient context is presented, meaning that the candidate doesn't distinguish himself from an individual who is merely saying what he thinks I would like to hear, without having arrived at the ideas and conclusions on his own (i.e., without simultaneously generating the ideas). Furthermore, not even the willingness to present more context or an excuse for not presenting enough of it is given. As is, this e-mail doesn't reveal enough information and shows no serious attempt to even try to reveal sufficient information, and given that, I have no reason to believe that the information will be revealed to me in the future. Therefore, despite the fact that I use ncp analysis in evaluating all replies, I have no reason to reply to this candidate.

Despite that, let's examine the type of questions I'd like to have answered.

(1) You mentioned in the beginning of your message that you didn't exactly follow the guidelines. Why?

(2) When and how did you arrive at the conclusion that you see no point as an individual in this world?

(3) When and how did you find our site? What parts of it did you read and what was your strategy in going through the large amount of text in our site?

(4) You mentioned that "After talking to several individuals, and reading the words written on your website, I see a world of sense, and relevence." What individuals have you talked to and how did they help you to see a world of sense and relevance? Also, if it is true that there were such individuals in your life, why can't you classify them as those whom you understand and trust, which according to you are nonexistent? What prevents those individuals from becoming those whom you understand and trust?

(5) What is the solution to the puzzle on our site?

(6) What classes have you chosen to take most recently at school and what was your thinking in making the choices you did?

(7) Do you drink Coca-Cola? Why or why not?

(8) I'd like you to make a little proposal / outline on how to search for individuals who are suitable as collaborators in a scheme to create a society that will change the world in a fundamental way. I'm interested in your thought process, not whether what you propose is practically useful or viable. I want to see how you break down a highly complex problem such as this, identify various issues involved, and find ways of addressing them.