Candidate 11-01-2001: Only yesterday I have discovered your web site. I feel strongly connected to your views. I consider myself a transhuman meaning I have assigned myself a singular purpose taking me beyond my expected live span. I have been following it for seven years and have made some fascinating discoveries. The major discovery is that when we think about our purpose hard enough we become the purpose itself. At this point we become impartial for our mental standpoint is our purpose ,not us. And yes we become egocentric, but it's not really about us, it is about the purpose we harbour. And as we keep going we become very lonely. And the more we think the more we have a feeling as though we have landed on the "Planet of apes". I wish to establish some kind of communication with you. I haven't written much, but there is a thousand pages in my head that I wish to download. You see if I just start typing on my own it will feel aimless and the philosophical line of thought will either stop or disperse. It has to do with Quantum observership. For things to happen they must be observed. If no one listens there is no tale. Following the line of logic I have come up with hypothesis on the elementary principles of mind, how in simple physical terms the mind operates in the brain and body and based on this how the mind can be uploaded into a computer system. These ideas and more I would like to share with you and start my scientific networking from here. Respectfully,

Candidate 11-02-2001: I spent some more time today studying your page. I think I am Impartial. I have been on this project for seven years and have gained some insights I wish to share. I don't think there are many of us and the few I would like to meet. I think I could constructively contribute to the debate whether the single goal should be of inner or outer nature. I am interested in joining your philosophical initiative.

Michael: Any contact attempt making use of the microcompetitive technique of revealing little information is automatically rejected. The only strategic response on my part in that case is to assume that for every type of information you left out, you are non-impartial, illogical, unsuitable as a collaborator, et cetera.

Candidate 11-06-2001: Michael you are absolutely pathetic. I suggest if you plan to become impartial you get yourself some integrity first. No I'm not disappointed because I am "unsuitable as a collaborator", but because a person who first impressed me as highly intelligent turned out to be a caricature of his own delusion. So my first fault was "making use of the microcompetitive technique of revealing little information". The plain logic suggests there is no way to reveal all information to someone being contacted for the first time. So you've got me right here using your pseudointelligent reasoning. I wasn't interested in being suitable for collaboration, I was interested in some form of communication. I have a news for you Michael : there is no such thing in the World as an impartial suitable for anything on your terms. When you get there you will be impartial on your own terms and nobody else's. Then you will also understand that no one can be impartial on your terms, or the second he is his impartiality will go down the tubes. Meanwhile before becoming impartial you still have some serious growing up to do. "The only strategic response on my part in that case is to assume that for every type of information you left out you are non-impartial, illogical, unsuitable as a collaborator etc." You claim to be logical so I you should know that assumption based on information left out without further experiment is a clear sign of ignorance and stupidity. But yes there was something about you I had a problem with when I first wrote to you. You say you get up on time (as required by others) drive 10 miles below the speed limit ( I don't have a problem with that) and then for 8 or 9 hours a day you serve someone else's purpose. This is is where it does not add up. No impartial in the whole World (except for yourself) serves anyone elses purpose. I reckon (I don't assume) that with your engineering qualifications you have some kind of a nice job. You follow exactly what you cited against: "mir das leben so gemuetlich wie moeglich zu gestalten". As you express you don't even know or care what you are doing there because your air conditioned office is so gemuetlich. This is scary. You might even be colaborating with terrorists or the government without realizing that. If you were impartial you would have long ago figured out a way to support yourself and your cause on your own terms without selling yourself short to your declared enemy - the society. Do you realize that if you were at war you would be executed for this as a traitor? If you were claiming to be a good citizen I would support you in your job - obedient conformity. But you say you are impartial! Michael! this makes you an "impartial" PROSTITUTE. "The only strategic response on my part....." You don't have a strategy. Accepting slavery is not a strategy, it's weakness!!! I am not interested in discussing impartiality with weaklings prostituting themselves to the society. Intelligence is what you do with what you have. Obviously you do have good brains, you have good background, good professional qualifications and you live in one of the most progressive cities in the World. Please wake up and don't waste your great potentials brother. You are on the right path after all. Otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time writing you a long letter after your rude ignorant response. You see we have lots in common. Like yourself I am German. OK I don't speak Japanese, but I do speak two other languages besides german and english, I too have engineering background and we both look in the same direction. I will even humbly admit you are ahead of me with some of your insights, which is why I find your writings so interesting. But you see finding a purpose is your single goal which is good but what when you get there? Logically thinking you will then pursue your purpose. This is where I happen to be ahead of you. This makes me "unsuitable for collaboration" because you cannot teach me much. And I am not interested in anyones teachings for there is very litttle to be learned from those who try to teach us. Another barrier separating you from being impartial is your mental limitation to strict sciences: math,physics etc. In that way you are not much smarter than your computer which is exactly why you are being operated by others in your gemuetlich office. Your ears do for keyboard. Unless you develop appreciation for arts and gain some romantic intelligence your impartial ideology is doomed! You will likely find your office more and more gemuetlich year after year until you retire at 65 and all that will be left out of you and your impartiality will be a senior redneck mowing his back yard in Pasadena twice a week. A good place to learn is the movie "Ghost". There is a scene at a deserted subway station where one ghost teaches the other how to move material things. Paddling on one side you will move in circles as you do driving to the same job every morning. Michael! you do have a serious potential to become impartial. You still have along way to go, but I strongly encourage you to persist. I wish you the best.