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The additional sites/texts found below provide additional information about the basis and/or origins or impartial thought, as well as additional arguments and guidelines.

The Art of Defiance - a teenager's guide to resisting social indoctrincation.

The Way of the Competitor - on the competitive interpretation of the universe.

Impartial Progress - a criticism of the transhumanists' strategy for achieving progress.

Web Pages of the Founders:

These pages contain information about the two founders as well as various texts not directly published on this site:

Page One (link removed) - Michael's Bio and additional writings.

Page Two (link removed) - Dima's Bio and additional writings

Aim of Impartial Philosophy and Key Concepts

A Strategy Toward the Fundamental Goal

Why the World is Blind
Adaptation Theory

Social Experiment
and How it Will Begin

Links to Additional Texts

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