Candidate: Single goal, 12-2-01 I am quite curious about your philosophies and future plans. I am a high school student at the moment and I do agree with most of the ideas I have read. I know that my e mail will probably be ignored, however, I am curious to know more about what is occuring in 2006. I personally don't believe in any religion, or societal function. I even did't believe in conforming to recieving a computer or internet until recently because I strongly disagree with the way humans form themselves into idiotic zombies (as I call them). I never even watch television, because I feel the media and anything that is ever on tV is absolutlely absurd and doesn't help anyone in anyway. Personally I don't care if a dump truck turned over at five o'clock, it isn't affecting anyone in China, only the ten or so people stuck in traffic. I am not quite sure what or who you are looking for, but as I am only 17 and a junior in high school in a very boring and stupid city, I am interested in knowing more about the single goal and I wish to hear from one of you. Thank you,

Dima: Hello Candidate, You're right, I suppose normally such an email would be ignored. You don't show much effort, dedication or any strong desire to communicate. A person like you would usually loose interest after exchanging a few emails back and forth, maybe less. I am guessing you came across the "Experiment" site only, which is part of a whole collection of sites: that have different wordings, angles and explanations of the views. The site you came across is linked from personal pages that are under "About Us" section, and it is under my profile.

The details you mentioned about yourself are interesting. They are sound extremes and at the same time completely unimportant. There is one thing missing in everything you write, and that is a point or end to your actions, and strategy to attain that. Not watching TV makes sense if it is replaced by an activity that you feel is better suited in your strategy to attain some goal. On it's own, there are many people not watching TV and that makes them no different. Personally I see no reason why watching or not watching TV is of much relevance to my actions. Same with the news, while I never watch the news, my ally who created most of the pages on the main site for a while got used to watching them, it doesn't make any difference. I can claim that not going online would seem like a strategically unsound decision, because internet was the only thing giving you the means to communicate with us.

If you decide to continue communicating please include more information in your next contact attempt, starting from your background and going in to your views.

Michael: All I have to add is that I that I have changed the links so that the Experiment page can be accessed directly from the main singlegoal page.