A Social Experiment


In year 2006 a small group of people will join together to attempt a social experiment that has never been tried before. A society based on principles never applied before, and ideals not present in any existing structure. The society will be based on completely rationalist views, completely governed by reason and logic. It will abolish aimless competition and will give structure to human existence. It will seek scientific knowledge and aim toward revealing who we are and why we are here.

Main Ideas:

Every society constructed in human history lacked one key aspect – a goal. Without that aspect no one social structure is better than another, no one law, preference or belief is more logical. Without a common goal we are left with nothing but to compete against each other for survival and dominance.
But having just any goal is not enough, it must be a goal truly based on reason and one that makes sense, one that cannot be proven wrong. There is only one such goal – a goal that is not based on any assumption, any biases or preferences, a goal that is the most logical goal when the true nature of our existence is not yet known – it is to find the answers to those questions and to work toward discovering our purpose.
There is no logic or reason to competition; it will not lead to a purpose. Instead of competing aimlessly against each other it is logical that human beings should collaborate.
Without such a society there is a chance that human existence will never evolve or go beyond its present stage, there is a chance that humans will never have the means to understand the nature of their existence or their purpose. There are also no logical reasons not to attempt this experiment, even if it fails.

Defying Human Nature:

Human nature has developed over millions of years as the result of aimless competition, in that way we are no different from animals, insects or amoebae. The dominant genes get passed down to the next generation, the religion that offers most reward for following and punishment for breaking it will spread the quickest, and the ideas that are most generic and most often repeated are the most popular. That is how humans and society function today; as a result it leads to a random and aimless existence.
But there is one thing that humans developed that is unique – and that is the power to reason. And this is our most important quality; it is the only thing that separates us from the competitive nature of this world. So far this power of reason has only been applied to isolated cases, individual issues, scientific research, but it has never truly been applied to our society and existence overall.
There is a common view that people can never truly agree on everything, however, there was never a logical reason to conclude that. For any topic there is a view that is most reasonable, and insisting on any other view is illogical. If enough effort was invested in collaborating toward finding the most reasonable view then there is no logical reason for people to disagree.
Most things we think of as human nature (greed, hate, love, etc.) are there as a result of us adapting to our society and environment. Imagine, a human being born in a society where there is no need to compete against each other – what reason would that being have for stealing something that they don’t even need or could get otherwise, or what reason would a being have for not contributing when the goal is the only reasonable goal to follow? We have adapted to our environment and can’t imagine anything different, we are caught up with today’s issues that we forget to realize that there is no logical reason they should exist in the first place. If a society is formed around logic then the members of that society will adapt to think based on logic, act based on logic and live based on logic.


This group will consist of individuals found very rarely in our society. Individuals that have escaped the aimless competition and learned to only base their thoughts on logic even in the present illogical environment. It will consist of those that realize that without such a society the human race may never evolve beyond our present stage and may never find its purpose.


The group will form a micro-society within the current system; it will partially isolate itself from the current structure. Its first goal will be to collaborate in order to grow this group and establish financial stability within it. Members in the group will fully collaborate toward all goals; there will be no internal currency or competition. The group’s structure and all actions will be based only on reason.


Only the right people may join, only those that will be truly dedicated to the goal and completely dedicated to reason, only those with no preferences or illogical wants and beliefs. The process for joining is no different than for collaborating – you must establish communication with a present member, in that communication the two of you must come in full agreement and understanding on all of the views and ideas. Please follow the Guidelines for Contacting Us to make any communication attempts with the authors or for any additional information.

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