The Way of the Competitor

the competitive spirit




Chapter 3

Being a competitor is about devoting one's whole self to the single goal. It involves striving to direct every single minute of our lives toward this aim. The details follow naturally. To elaborate any more on the statement, to discuss exactly how or why would already take away from one's effectiveness as a competitor. There is simply no purpose to say anything else. Once this simple idea is grasped the only thing left is to act, to compete. The only question to ask is how can we collaborate to effectively pursue the goal? All of society is nonsense because it is founded on the wrong paradigms and assumptions. We must therefore begin by assuming nothing and building one from nothing. There are an infinite number of designs and strategies, but it is enough to arbitrarily choose one. That is why we cannot work separately because unless we communicate to one another we will make different arbitrary choices. That is also why we can accomplish absolutely nothing unless you e-mail me at

What follows is really unnecessary, just a kind of stream of consciousness; now that I am spending a significant amount of time observing people's flawed ideas, it is difficult to remain unaffected because promiscuous ideas are easier and faster to generate, and it worries me that I will begin to lose the ability to distinguish between a person who is nothing but trash, and the person who has some potential. Because the world is a microcompetitive junkyard of ideas, you simply cannot expect others to spend the time to try to understand you, unless you make yourself stand out.

If there are even a handful of people in the world who can defy human nature, that is all that is needed to bring about a revolution. Think of the first legs, the first tooth, the first eyes, etc. in the evolution of life on our planet. Revolutions do not occur because the majority slowly acquires it, but because a small minority acquires them and then gains a competitive advantage over others. Therefore, to compete in this world, acquire those traits that no one else can acquire and form a group with those who also possess these traits. Collaborate to determine which traits to hone and develop and spread. The basic idea is this simple. And it is this simple basic idea that some understand, but no one is willing to put into practice. If you're not capable of putting it into practice, you are useless. It requires nothing special to be one of the extremely few who are willing to put it into practice. You must simply refuse to conform to everyone else's ideas and have the drive and determination. Again, some understand it, and no one is willing to put it into practice.

If you want to put it into practice, contact me. If you can demonstrate that simple intention to me, that's all that's necessary. I don't care how brilliant and creative you are and how much you agree with any ideas I have published on the web. None of that interests me because there are plenty of such people around. You must have the willingness to give up all your ties to the world and to society and devote your life to creating a competitive unit. Even that statement is a bit too specific. Be willing to devote your life to the single goal, never mind what the strategy is for doing so. The strategy we choose is whatever strategy is logical, I could be entirely mistaken about everything I've said in my webpages.

The key mistake to avoid is to think that there are thousands of different people with thousands of different ideas, all of which have some truth in them. The only valid viewpoint is to devote oneself to the single goal. Every other viewpoint leads to mere microcompetition. As long as our intention is to avoid microcompetition, we will arrive at a single logical strategy. It has little to do with being intelligent enough or having ideas that are highly original. A group of people with mediocre intelligence and ideas can easily crush a much larger society containing many brilliant minds with highly original ideas. Why? Because society is aimless. If we create a group with an aim, we will be the first in the world to do so. This is will be a clear and distinct difference, a competitive advantage.